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I help individuals to trust their supernatural power: Intuition

Most decisions are made by instinct; a set of fears propelled by data, experiences, or someone of authority exemplifying their truth. It may not be your truth. What if you had access to turn down the volume of those inner distress calls of worry, doubt, and midnight stares at the ceiling?

When you learn to trust your own intuitive voice, the voice of knowing that comes from your heart, not your brain, your outcome is beyond ideal. Your daily joy will be exponential. You might even smile more!

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My Specialties

Business & Career Consulting

Starting, Closing, Changing Your Business or Career?

Clarity is everything. Having a business confidante to unravel the past, helps for a smoother ride forward.

1:1 Psychic & Clairvoyant Counsel

Your Guide To The Spiritual Realm

I can communicate with entities from your past, present, and future. Has someone departed you’ve been seeking communication with?


Re-Starting, Re-Inventing, or Leaving Your Former Life?

I believe everyone is psychic, to some degree. I help you unlock and enhance your innate psychic abilities, empowering you to trust your intuition and make confident decisions.

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Results I've Helped Create

Chee Yean Yoong

BUSINESS Consulting

It’s like I have just stepped into the light after my session with you, En-May!


Sandy Andersen

Psychic Counsel

En-May I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s insightful session. The path you’ve steered me towards is exactly the path I need to walk down to break the spell of past life ‘stuff’.  This I know on a cellular level.  When the student is ready the teacher shows up and you are the most valued teacher ❤️

Lexi K


“THANK YOU! I always come to you conflicted and unsure and I walk away with clarity, confidence and trust in the universe’s plans. You’re just magical.

Mikey G.


“I wanted to take a moment to share my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible work you do. You bring valuable information and a sense of positivity and inspiration that brightens my day. I’m deeply grateful for all that you bring.

Lesa Isadora


I recently had the pleasure of an intuitive reading with En-May that had a profound impact on me. For those seeking a genuinely life-changing intuitive reading, I wholeheartedly recommend her. En-May’s extraordinary intuitive abilities exceeded my expectations, tapping into insights with remarkable accuracy. In addition, she created a safe space to provide perceptive guidance with compassion, guiding me towards self-understanding.



I really appreciate the sessions that I have with you, they are priceless.  I am healing accordingly. I know it is hard. I tell myself that my truest strength comes when there is darkness, and I will overcome it. That is when my true power will shine. I am glad you are a part of my growth. I am forever thankful 🙏  for you. I love you En-May.

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