The future of personal and career development is in trusting your own intuitive intelligence.

Meet the secret weapon of successful, global entrepreneurs, entertainers, and healing arts leaders.

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Hi! I'm En-May,
Nice To Meet You!

I was born this way. Highly empathic, sensitive, a modern-day spiritualist, empathetic, emotionally revved, and clairvoyant, sometimes referred to as a remote viewer – being able to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste your past, present, and future lives; your emotions, your relations, your jobs, even your pets; dead or alive.  I know, right! That’s my normal. 

While I tried to live that normal Southern California life, I attracted many entertainers since childhood to seek out my advice. Whether they implemented my suggestions is purely of free will. Those who did, were shown miraculous successes. And this continues today. 

I love what I get to do. And my promise, my commitment to my Spirit Guides and you is to only see the highest good, the most favorable outcome, and propel only kindness, joy, and a few great laughs. 

I help you understand what you were front loaded with; your own intuitive senses.I want to share how you can access that psychic self, and trust the voice of your own intuition.

I can help
you with

business Strategic Planning

As an intuitive business advisor I work alongside you. We proactively use your intuitive senses to approach solutions.

psychic consults

There are no limits when the veils of time, space, and dimensions are blurred, allowing me to communicate with entities from your past, present, and future. Has someone departed you’ve been seeking communication with?

Clair-Empathic Training

I believe everyone is psychic to some degree. I help you access and activate your own intuitive senses that may have been dormant, hiding, or not confident enough to be trusted to make the most important decisions in life, love, and career.

Blessings | Clearings

Whether its relationships or real estate, people and places hold energetic vibrations, both positive and negative. I perform contemporary ceremonial rituals to mark an occasion of remembrance customized to the cause and effect you are desiring.

My Mission

Instinct is primordial. Decisions skewed by fear of not being or doing good enough, failing, or being judged less-than, cause our brains to default to that instinct. Intuition, also an innate sense, AKA your sixth sense, is the messaging of your heart. It’s the decision maker that looks out for the greatest and highest good for all. 

My mission is for you to live the life your soul intended; not the soul of another, or be in the binds of “Hereditary Hostage;” caught in the truths of another well meaning being, experience, culture, or belief. Intuition is your freedom to living with total peace and ease.

Why Work With Me


Feel confident of the clients and associates you choose to work with.


Communicate with loved ones on the Other Side.


Want to develop your own Spiritual practice or business?


Grand openings and closures deserve acknowledgment, honor a departed being, or are you being haunted?

What can you anticipate in your initial consult session with En-May?

Come as you are. It’s already designed that we meet here; right where you are emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially.

Feeling stuck, unmotivated? Emotionally, and even financially bankrupt? Unsure what makes you feel excited to get up each morning?

I’m not a therapist. I highly respect their craft especially if you have been plaguing for months, or even years. Working with a professional counselor can be the missing link, as our logical self seeks answers to illogical occupancies.

Keep your hands to your sides as your magic carpet takes us for a spin into your spiritual realm. I am honored to be your spirited Tour Guide.

As a Clair-empathic, intuitive advisor I work alongside you. We proactively use your intuitive senses to approach solutions.

Just as you would seek your team of professional advisors, having your CSO, Chief Spiritual Officer (that’s me) can easily be part of your SOP, Standard Operating Protocol, to check in with YOU.

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