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I can help you with


I will share my vision for your best outcome with strategic options and solutions that can reduce challenges, confirm your best outcome, and inspire momentum.


Unlock the mysteries of your past, present, and future with intuitive guidance and clarity from a trusted psychic medium consultant.


I help you access and activate your intuitive sense that may have been dormant, hiding, or not confident enough to be trusted to make the most important decisions in your life.


Blessings to welcome positivity while clearing the negativity in a space from your past and your soul.

Business & Career Consulting

Being in alignment with your day-to-day goals and your long range exit strategy can be with a few surprise twists (like Covid), finances (like when banks close their doors), or when trends (like cupcakes) decide to be un-trendy. How do we take advantage of a pivot, shift, downturn, or explosive upswing?

As an intuitive business advisor I work alongside you. We proactively use your intuitive senses to approach solutions.

  • Are you ready to turn a dream into a reality?
  • Are you feeling stuck or unhappy in your current career?
  • Is it time to makeover, pivot, close, or sell your existing business?

These are some of the questions I field regularly. Let me help to reawaken your career path. Instinct often freezes us to make changes we desperately desire. This de-frost happens when we listen to our intuition. So let the fun begin!

Who This Is For

Do any of these resonate? If so, it's time to chat!

If you are waking with dread, zero momentum, or you’re watching reruns of some daytime drama – we need to talk.

If you are considering bringing new people on board, promoting from within, or releasing partnerships, employees, or even key accounts – we need to talk.

If you are considering selling, closing the doors, or simply walking away from your existing business- we need to talk.

Psychic Consults

Spirit messages are received when I am in meditation, even before meeting with my client. I am shown a relaying message that may appear in a vision, a change in temperature, a song or sound, the voice of their guides, and sometimes a taste or scent.

These messages can come from lifetimes past, present, or future, and can even be relayed from a different dimension.

I’m only allowed to deliver messages for the highest good of all. That doesn’t mean you are going to like what you hear. So don’t shoot the messenger.  It’s Spirit’s truth.

Who Is This For?

Do any of these resonate? If so, it's time to chat!

You’ve been waiting for word from a loved one; a relative, a furry animal family member, a past lover.

”Why did you have to leave me?” – a question I often hear

Are you wondering if your loved ones are happy on The Other Side?

Clair-Empathic Training

I believe everyone is psychic, to some degree. That inner knowing that says, “I knew that was happening,” or, “I should’ve listened to my gut,” or, “I just didn’t want to believe that was true.” That is the visceral sound, feeling, or response of your personal intuition. Yes, that’s your own psychic vibration.

You may have been shielded from empowering your intuition. In childhood, some would refer to intuitive energy as wild nonsense, make-believe, superstition, or even crazy. Clients have shared that they’ve felt judged,  even labeled as “not normal,”  or as something to be afraid of. I know this all too well.

Beyond physical proof, a spreadsheet of data, or any form of evidence, your own intuitive senses are alert and ready to help you have your best life. 

That’s my superpower. I help you access and activate your intuitive sense that may have been dormant, hiding, or not confident enough to be trusted to make the most important decisions in your life. 

Who Is This For?

This is a commitment, one that should not be taken lightly. It demands work, time, and spiritual energy. If you are serious to expand on your new age practice, to advance and be open to spiritual guidance, this is for you.

Healing old wounds, habits, voices that no longer serve you.

Seeking a new approach to problem-solve for yourself and others.

Considering developing a business practice in the healing arts, psychic arts, or mindset coaching.

Blessings & Clearings

Are uncomfortable, unwelcomed, or unusual anomalies occurring to you, on you, or within the space of where you reside or work?

Have there been a series of negative incidents that have no explanation happening in succession; over months, years, or generationally? You might call it bad luck.

Is there a celebration of a union, a birth, a new beginning, or an ending needing acknowledgment? These rituals create acceptance, understanding, and evidence by participation, sharing space, company, and food.

Are you having difficulty selling or buying your home or office?

Who Is This For?

3 top common denominators of who the blessings and clearings are for, ex. Anyone buying a new house or selling their home, etc

Families and Friends

For Public acknowledgment and announcements 

For a private, intimate celebration 

Simple Steps to Success

Get Clarity
Identify the storm. Is it emotional, spiritual, physical, a mental block, or a financial dilemma? Long term/short term? When do you want to see your best results? Whom does this effect?
Practice The Tools Given
“I love it when…”
Imagine saying out loud, “I love it when the ideal solution is so easily available, that I can implement it right now, and everyone involved is onboard.” “I love it when…” can only be said by your inner voice, your heart voice; a knowing beyond tangible proof that shuts down the noise of fear-based instinct.
Practice The Tools Given
Stay Committed
Visualize Your Ideal Outcome
In your mind’s eye, see your decision in action, as if it already occurred. Ideal relations, results, and success beyond expectation, as a new smile starts to curl your face.
Stay Committed
Transformation Completed
Voilà! Meet The New You!
Imagine or let three days pass as the results are born from your confident, intuitive intelligence. We are at the celebration party uncorking the champagne.
Transformation Completed

Ready to start?

Take the first step and reach out for your life changing transformation.

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

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