I firmly believe that each and every one of us possesses psychic abilities, albeit to varying degrees. That inner voice nudging us, saying, “I knew that was happening,” or, “I should’ve listened to my gut,” is our intuition speaking—a powerful tool often underestimated.

Your “Six-Pack” of Senses

Just as you were endowed with the five primary senses—sight, sound, taste, touch, and scent—your intuition, your psychic strength, and your sixth sense, are equally inherent. It’s not some freakish anomaly or a figment of imagination; it’s a muscle that, like any other, requires exercise to thrive.

Intuition is a muscle that sits beside your five-pack.  It’s true what they say, “Use it or lose it,” applies to your intuition. 

You may have been shielded from empowering your intuition. In childhood, some would refer to intuitive energy as wild nonsense, make-believe, superstition, or even crazy. Clients have shared that they’ve felt judged,  even labeled as “not normal,”  or as something to be afraid of. I know this all too well.

I invite you to let this natural energy be a very integral part of your life. This is your intuition.

Embracing Your Psychic Potential

Beyond the confines of empirical evidence or logical reasoning, our intuitive senses stand ready to guide us toward our best lives. As a psychic medium, I am here to help you unlock and harness this latent potential, assisting you in making confident, informed decisions that align with your highest good.

The ESPMF Recipe: Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence

Intuition was once looked upon as voodoo, creepy, witchy, and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs (™). Legitimate psychics, thought to be charlatans, freaks, full of crap, or a joke, are now the normalized. I said the legitimate ones. There are plenty of “artificial psychics” who do not practice intuitive intelligence.

I’ve developed the ESPMF framework to help you tap into your intuitive strengths:

  • Emotional (Clairsentient) Clear messages from emotional energy or feelings of self, others, and even unknown entities to produce an image or thought.
  • Spritual (Clairvoyance/Clairaudient) Clear messages seen or perceived, that may be transmitted by known or unknown, non-local sources. Visions or audible messages of perceived insights can be channeled by and include past ancestors, angels, and spirit guides from many dimensions.
  • Physical (Clairtangent/Clairsentient) Clear messages can be heard, audibly, or spatially received. These messages can be felt in the internal body; assisted by the spirit world; in physical items such as crystals, smudging, being in contact with an object like jewelry, or an animal, or being in a specific location/place. In a physical space, a person can sense the presence of a known or unknown energy.
  • Mental (Claircognizant) Clear messages of a sudden knowing of the truth as seen in the mind’s eye, like an instant download showing the perfect fit, the ideal outcome, long term solutions. Mentalists prefer order and structure.
  • Financial – Clairintellect is clear thinking from a linear viewpoint. Clairintellects relate well to charts, drawings, diagrams, forms, numbers and formulas.

I am Clairempathic, also referred as Heyoka. While rare, the Clairempath is not limited by location, dimension of time, or space.  Fully hypersensitive and processing  all the above and additionally, the following Clairs:

  • Clairalience – invoking through scent
  • Clairgustance – invoking through taste and texture
  • Clairtelepathic – resonating from known and unknown locations and times, also known as Remote Viewing
  • Clairtangent – invoking through the touch of an object, animal, person (dead or alive), jewelry, a person’s hug or handshake, even brushing by a person also known as psychometric

The Clairempath with all the variety of extra sensory strength is also known as a Heyoka empath. These Clairs are not limited to any location, space, dimension, or time.

Seriously Fun: Testing Your Intuition

Here’s a fun exercise to put your intuition to the test:

  • Name three of the most toxic people in your life.
  • Name three of your favorite people.

These six people have set an imprint on your emotional, spiritual, and physical, self. They may even imprint a mental or financial profile. This imprint is a form of energy or vibration that is a definition of what you like, don’t like, or feel neutral about. You are using both your instinct in judgment and intuition of heart, of how these people affect your soul. While you write their names you are emoting; maybe a cortisol stress twitch, a smirk, or a calmness comes over you. You may visualize a room, time of day, ambient sounds or scents. 

You simply engaged your inner voice; your intuitive sense. 

This is intuition. I know you are utilizing the power of your sixth sense everyday. And you thought you didn’t have any intuition? HA

Notice the emotional and physical responses that arise as you engage with these names. This exercise demonstrates the power of your intuitive sense in discerning energetic vibrations and guiding your choices.

Conclusion: Embracing Your Psychic Potential

Your intuition is not a distant phenomenon reserved for a select few—it’s a natural aspect of your being, waiting to be harnessed and cultivated. By embracing your intuitive intelligence, you unlock a powerful tool for navigating life’s challenges with clarity, confidence, and compassion. Are you ready to embark on this journey of intuitive empowerment? Let’s take the first step together. Contact me today!

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