This is a sample exercise from my Clair-Empathic Training. Elevating your intuition is to become emotionally attuned to our past definitions, and attuned to how others experience sensory input and output communication. Processing and reflecting on relationships that determined our core values, belief systems, social and global experiences, and memories with family, friends, and colleagues – all combine to be what I lovingly refer to as Hereditary Hostage. I believe that as humans we decide what’s good and bad before we are 11 years young.

If you are ready to release the toxic effects given to you by the same toxic names above:

  1. Begin to visualize one at a time, the toxic visitor and the story of your knowing of that person.

  2. Watch as the story unravels. The story replays in full sensory reload; colors, sounds, shadows, textures, and scents reactivate.
    • If emotions intensify and become uncomfortable, mentally “hit pause,” and take three deep breaths. Open your eyes, sip some water, stand up. Shake your hands out. Your story was replaying from your instinct; the mind that survived using fear, flight, or freeze.  You may experience heightened distress; more than you may want to unveil at this moment. You are always in control of this visualization. You may prefer to do this exercise with me, instead of alone. If not, you may proceed.
    • Take note of your own sensitivity such as racing breath, tears, shakiness, chills or overheating, or even neutrality.

  3. To let go of their toxic grip, you now become somewhat like a drone; flying above that toxic person. Now a black and white rerun of your circumstances begins to play. There’s no color. Nothing can hurt you. You are the observer of the story. 
    • As only the 2-D observer, emotions are calmer. You are no longer directly a participant in your story. Rather, you are the spectator watching a familiar rerun. The replay is in black and white; without color, temperature, dramatic music, special effects, or generating any mood or temperament. You may sense a new understanding of the circumstances that had once been upsetting, traumatic, tragic, shameful, or embarrassing. In the spectator’s view, emotions can be less intense. You may even find yourself in disbelief that the circumstances manufactured it’s own belief, or a truth that is no longer applicable. Are you noticing that your story from your past has become less triggering, less heightened, less demobilizing? Instinct is the need to create safety, protection, or shelter. Instinct alerts the amygdala, your frontal lobe of “danger ahead.” But when the instinctive voice is softened,  we allow your intuitive heart to redefine a new truth; an upgrade and update of older experiences and definitions that no longer serve us. Your heart was seeking compassion for itself.  

  4. As the story plays, you choose to say to yourself, 
    • “Thank you for these lessons. I am ready to release their hold on me now. I’ve outgrown their undesirable effects. They no longer hold the same memorialized value on me. I forgive myself for holding on to this story so long, as a way of validating my feelings, my truth.”

  5. Your new eyes meet face-to-face with the one you referred to as toxic. You have decided to detach from them in a way that feels respectful, compassionate, and even loving. Feel your chest rise and fall as you take three deep breaths, sealing the past, present, and future.

  6. Say to yourself, 
    • “I am released of all damaged stories that determined my former self. I replace those damages with my personal new understandings, meanings and upgrades. I release you now.”

  7. Your final release of the once toxic being, the old story, and all it’s effects are reduced, uncharged of emotion, as the information sits in a neutral memory. What once had an emotional voltage of  9.5 of discomfort, anger, or fear is now a 1.5, if that.

If you’re ready to dive deeper together, book a call with me today. 

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