In the realm of business strategy and career planning, we often rely on a multitude of external advisors – financial consultants, legal experts, and industry mentors – to navigate the complexities of our professional endeavors. Yet, amidst this array of external guidance, there exists an often overlooked source of wisdom: our own intuitive intelligence.

Life by Intuitive Intelligence

En-May Mangels, renowned as the Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO), emphasizes the transformative power of tapping into our innate intuitive senses. Just as we assemble a team of professionals to guide us through financial decisions or market trends, Mangels advocates for the integration of intuitive wisdom into our strategic planning process.

Harnessing Your Inner Advisor

It’s time to acknowledge the presence of our “sixth sense” – our intuition – as a formidable asset in the realm of business and career. That inner voice, often dismissed or ignored, holds the key to navigating uncertainty and seizing opportunities with confidence.

Navigating the Unpredictable

In today’s dynamic landscape, characterized by unforeseen challenges like the recent global pandemic, traditional strategic approaches may fall short. Here, intuitive intelligence shines, offering proactive solutions and guiding us through unexpected twists and turns.

Your Personal CSO

Incorporating a Chief Spiritual Officer into your advisory board isn’t just a luxury; it’s a strategic necessity. Mangels serves as a trusted confidante, accelerating your journey towards success by aligning your decisions with your deepest intuition.

Are you Starting, Closing, or Changing Your Business or Career?

Have you been asking yourself…

  • Is this the right time to launch?
  • What’s stopping me from  success, making money, being worthy?
  • Who can I trust?
  • The competition is winning every time.
  • Is someone stealing my ideas?
  • Is it time to change careers, offices, location?
  • Who am I supposed to fire, hire, promote?
  • Am I supposed to approach that M&A, did I value my company correctly? 
  • I’m so stuck, bored, and I don’t care anymore. 
  • Can I make a success of a new direction?
  • Am I supposed to diversify now?
  • Is it time to retire?
  • What if I don’t know what to do in my next career move?

Here’s how you use your intuition to get unstuck:

Ask yourself, What do I really want?

  1. Let’s ask your heart the right question.  How would you define joy and a feeling of self-worth when we speak about your career? Your brain may not be letting your heart do the talking. Yes, your logical self, your brain is performing the instinctive thinking; meeting deadlines, paying salaries and taxes, researching innovations. You have grown comfortable with your lifestyle. Doing. Doing. Doing.  Instinct is a primordial alert system born into each living being as a way to protect ourselves.  Using fear tactics, like, “I can’t let my competition win.” “Don’t look stupid.” “Hit our sales goals.” Are we having fun yet?  Instinct is the opposite of intuition. Your intuition, your heart-driven, decision maker that supersedes data, experience, or proof is a sensation, feeling, and or an emotion that overrides instinct. Now, ask yourself the original question from your heart. Don’t listen to your head voice.

  2. “Yea, but…,” and “What if…,” provides every excuse NOT to do what your heart might be screaming, starving, and impatiently awaiting for days, years, decades or lifetimes. Let’s turn down the volume of “Yea, but…” Instead, listening to our intuition, our heart’s voice, will provide total clarity.  Your actual intention and your best solutions are easily revealed.  When we learn to turn down the noise of instinctive fear, we perform at a higher level of trust from our own intuition.

  3. Is a lack of courage holding you hostage? You might have plenty of confidence. Courage is another pulse. Say this to yourself. “I can actually see myself enjoying this new venture and doing very well. I love it when work never feels like work.”  How does that feel? Can you visualize that as your daily reality? Or is this picture still blurry, scary, or frozen? Sometimes overthinking that first step can hold you hostage (to limiting beliefs). Let’s uncover what is the root rot that needs to get out of your way.

A Mentor’s Tip

Write your current dilemmas as they show up over a week or two. Observe and record your emotional reactions and feelings. We often approach dilemmas with our instinctive, inner pendulum saying, “I knew this was going to happen…” or, “I had no idea…” When we are heart centered your intuition already has insight to the big picture, and an outcome that is for the greatest, highest good; not necessarily your own good.

Bring these topics with you to your session.  Stress, finance, location, other people, timing, and a few hundred more factors create your usual, go-to decision making processes.  I will share my vision for your best outcome with strategic options and solutions that can reduce challenges, confirm your best outcome, and inspire momentum. 

Imagine the Possibilities

Picture a reality where work feels like play, where decisions are made effortlessly, guided by intuitive wisdom. It’s not a distant dream but a tangible destination awaiting your embrace.

Imagine yourself saying, “I love it when…”

Ready to Embark on Your Journey?

Feel free to reach out if you’d like help guiding you on this transformative journey.

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